File a complaint


In the event that a student has a personal complaint they wish to file against an individual client, staff member or student the complaint must be in written form. A supply of complaint forms are maintained on the front counter on the clinic floor.

Any student who is currently enrolled at the school may fill out the complaint form in its entirety and turn it into the school’s financial aid officer. The financial aid officer will review the complaint with the student. A copy of the complaint will be given to the student for their personal records and the original will be given to the school owner/manager as soon as possible or within five (5) business days.

The owner/manager will review the written complaint and interview the student who filled out the complaint. Any corrective action that needs to be taken should be handled by the owner/manager within five (5) business days.

A written resolution will be produced by the owner/manager and returned to the student who filled out the original complaint, as well as, all parties that were involved.


In the event that the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, they may then send the complaint to the school director.

The school complaint committee is comprised of three (3) persons not directly involved in the school. The persons on the committee will be evaluated and adjusted as needed.

These committee member’s names and all addresses are on file in the school office and will be given to the complainant upon request.

The complainant will be responsible to contact the complaint committee chairperson by mail to file a formal complaint and ask for a review hearing.

The complaint committee chairperson will send a copy of the original complaint along with all hearing or meeting notes and resolutions from the school administrators to each of the committee members within 21 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

The committee can meet in person or by electronic means. The chairperson shall write the committee findings and give final orders in the matter of the complaint.

The chairperson shall send a copy to the person who filed the complaint, the person that the complaint was about and to the school of origin. The committee chairperson shall retain a copy for the committee’s records.

After this procedure is completed, if the complainant feels that they still are not satisfied with the conclusion, they may then file a formal complaint to the following:

The NACCAS board or the Ky. State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists

Ky. State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists
111 St. James Court, Suite A
Frankfort, Ky. 40601
(502) 564-4262

National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences
4401 Ford Avenue, Suite 1300
Alexandria, VA 22302
(703) 600-7600

Ideal Beauty Academy, Jeffersonville, IN & Louisville, Ky