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Homemade Makeup Recipes

In order to create your own makeup, you need to have in mind the three basics of makeup. The base, pigment, and binder are the building blocks of every type of cosmetic; perfumes, oils, and minerals are just extra. If you’re on a health kick and trying to keep harmful chemicals out of your makeup, then the method of creating your own could be the right thing for you. After all, what better way to be certain of what’s going in your makeup then by making it yourself? Plus, making your own makeup is pretty easy, and you probably have all the ingredients you need right now in your refrigerator and pantry!

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For a quick lipstain, think berries, beets, and kool-aid for the pigment. The things we shun when we’re wearing white or having our teeth brightened are the things we need for a lipstain that will stay in place. For the base, a dab of Vaseline or even olive oil, and for the binder a little dash of baby powder to help it soak in and keep it from rubbing off. A word of caution, however, pay attention to the application and avoid staining your teeth.

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For a homemade cheek color, look no further than your own bathroom cabinet. Using baby powder as both the base and binder this time, all you need is the pigment. Go back to the kitchen and grab kool-aid or jell-o, and mix the two together. Mixing them in small portions works best to avoid mess, and for goodness sake keep the mixture away from water. Because you’re using kool-aid or jell-o, any moisture could possibly result in having you smell like you just got back from a family picnic, not to mention your face will be sticky.

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When considering mixing up your own eye makeup, remember that eyes are easily irritated and you should proceed with caution. The safest way to go is by mixing up a liquid eye shadow, rather than a powder, in order to dry and avoid powdering into the eyes and causing irritation. Use a dollop of Vaseline for the base and adding a bit vitamin E will help rejuvenate your eyelids. Depending on what color you’re going for, a powdered version of food coloring can help you create the color you want, just keep mixing!

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