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Mission To provide a program of education, which develops the maximum potential of each individual student, for a career in cosmetology.


ideal Beauty Academy’s programs are designed to educate and encourage our students as professional individuals by offering knowledge in both science and practical skills that will prepare all graduates to sit before the Examination of Cosmetology for licensing. ideal Beauty Academy strives to produce graduates who possess the technical skills and knowledge required to be professionals in the beauty industry. We are an innovated and reliable school, that offers quality education. Our qualified instructors will give you practical hands-on-training. You can confidently enter into a career within one of the world’s most exciting and glamorous industries. The choice is yours…make the decision today and get started. Contact  us now and let us help you achieve your ideal career!



To file a compliant with the Kentucky State Board, use the following link:   http://kbhc.ky.gov/Pages/Complaint-Form.aspx

To file a compliant with the Indiana State Board, use the following link:  https://secure.in.gov/pla/3638.htm

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